As members of our Association of Parents and Teachers (APT) at Sequoya we value your input on the important programs we fund. One of the programs funded by the APT is Rosetta Stone, the foreign language program at Sequoya. Please take a few minutes to complete this brief survey about the Rosetta Stone program.
How important is it to you that your child(ren) have foreign language education during their elementary school years?

How important is the Rosetta Stone program in your decision to have your child(ren) attend Sequoya?

On average, how many hours per week does your child(ren) use Rosetta Stone at home?

The Rosetta Stone program has helped my child(ren) learn our selected foreign language. (Please click a number on the scale: 0=Strongly Disagree, 10=Strongly agree)

I would be willing to pay $25 per child - per year - in order to continue the Rosetta Stone program at Sequoya:

I am interested in attending a meeting with a Rosetta Stone representative to learn more about their program and how it benefits our students.

For data purposes only, please select the current grade level of your child(ren):

Please share any comments/suggestions for the Rosetta Stone program moving forward.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey! You do not need to click the "again" button unless you would like to start over.
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