Welcome PARENT PARTNERS! We appreciate your help in answering some questions to help make the next school year even better! Please click "start" to begin...

Was this your student's first year at Sequoya?

If yes, how would you rate your overall experience as a new Sequoya parent?

If this was your first year, did you feel comfortable at school events?

If this was your first year at Sequoya, did you feel included and informed of all Sequoya happenings?

Are you a Sequoya Staff member or an APT executive board member?

Please review and rank the list below and indicate your enjoyment and attendance of each Sequoya event from this school year (0 - did not enjoy or attend, 10 - enjoyed):

Curriculum Night

New Family BBQ

Talent Show

Western Round-up

Scholastic Book Fair

Thanksgiving Luncheon/Classroom Baskets

Grow with sUSd Tour

Young Author's Day

Sweetheart's Dance

Used Book Fair

Sequoya Family Nights Events

Parent's Night Out/Silent Auction

Mom's Night Out Events

Were you aware that Sequoya did not have two of our major events this year (Sequoya Movie Night, Sequoya Glows) due to lack of volunteers?


Fundraising is an extremely important aspect of the APT - insuring that we can fund Sequoya school requests.
If you chose to change the fundraisers, what would your suggestions be?

If we raised enough money from TWO of our major fundraisers and could eliminate ONE fundraiser, which one would you choose?

These could include one large fundraiser listed above as well as: Sequoya Family Nights, Classroom Baskets/Thanksgiving Luncheon, Used Book Fair, Stallion Bucks, etc.
If you had an option to give a flat donation at the beginning of the school year in the form of a "student activity donation" vs. participating in fundraisers throughout the school year, would you participate?

If you answered yes above, how much would you be willing to commit to?


Your APT hosts many events throughout the school year which involve heavily on parent volunteers in order to be successful.
If you didn't volunteer at a school event this year (outside of the classroom), can you briefly explain why?

If the APT had to cancel a major school event due to lack of volunteers, would you support that decision?

If we continue to have multiple vacant positions on our APT board what programs, events or activities do you think we should eliminate? (Events listed may not be filled for next year). Feel free to choose multiple events.

Did you know that the APT board had 9 vacant leadership positions that were not filled this school year?

Do you feel a need to participate (volunteer/donate) with the APT?


What is YOUR best way to receive Sequoya information in a timely manner?

Did you know that the Sequoya APT website has a password-protected page for each classroom at Sequoya?

Did you visit your Sequoya class page this year to stay up-to-date on events and school/classroom information?

If not, please explain why?

This year Sequoya's informative emails were sent monthly instead of bi-weekly. If you are already signed up to receive these emails, do you prefer them monthly?

Please take a moment to rate each method of communication. No stars = you do not use, 5 stars = your best way of receiving school communications:

Monthly Sequoya Campus Connection emails

Text Message System

Talking Twigs newsletter

Social Media (facebook or twitter)

APT Website

Classroom Pages (on website)

Teacher emails

Room Parent emails


Every parent in the Sequoya community is automatically a member of our APT. We invite our community to join us for the last Friday of each month to meet, listen to Ms. Leiper speak, discuss past events and plan current ones, and review any items or topics of concern for parents.
Did you attend any APT meetings this school year?

If you answered yes, how many did you attend?

If you answered no, what was your reason for not attending?

Do you feel that there is anything the APT can do to increase attendance at meetings?

Do you feel that our APT is effectively improving the quality of education and school experience for Sequoya students?

Did you know that your APT is committed to assisting Sequoya with at least $80,000 each year?

How could the APT improve the 2018/2019 Sequoya school year?

Thank you for partnering with us to improve the 2018/2019 school year for Sequoya! We wish you all a wonderful summer.
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